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Suicidator City Engine – Free Procedural City Script for Blender

By September 30, 2009 No Comments

You wait for years for a free building/city generator and then two come along in the space of the week. Yesterday we detailed the Procedural Building Generator for Max and now the Suicidator City Engine (SCE) has been released. Running via a Python script in Blender, the results are as equally impressive:

The script allows you to automatically create a city by adjusting various parameters, such as city size and complexity, rather than creating each building, each street, and each texture manually.

Creating detailed cities and buildings has suddenly got so much easier and indeed free, which can only be a good thing.

Head over to the Suicidator City Engine page for full details.


Andy is Professor of Digital Urban Systems at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London.