Tales, MRes and Mapping – A DU Update

By April 8, 2010 2 Comments

Our apologies for the slow week on the blog – its due to the current move to launch two projects this month. We have just been down the road to pick up a bit of kit – all with the aim of opening the box containing the Internet of Things.

Follow Tales of Things on Twitter for more news and information, its going to change the way you look at the city. We did say two projects – more on the other later today or tomorrow.

If that wasn’t enough to keep us busy, we also have our new one year MRes in Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation (ASAV) cleared by the University. If you would like to join us here in CASA, University College London, to learn the latest in urban modelling, GIS, visualisation and location based technologies keep an eye out on the blog, or follow us on Twitter – the course starts September 2010.

News on how to enroll and full details can be found here.


Andy is Professor of Digital Urban Systems at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London.