We are pleased to announce the publication special issue of  Future Internet, Volume 3, Issue 4 (December 2011).  Edited by Dr. Christopher Pettit Principal Research Scientist and Research Manager, Spatial Information Sciences, Department of Primary Industries Victoria, Australia and Dr. Arzu Coltekin,Department of Geography, University of Zurich, Winterthurerstrasse 190, 80750 Zürich, Switzerland, the issue represents a series of notable papers:

Table of Contents:

Olaf Schroth, Ellen Pond, Cam Campbell, Petr Cizek, Stephen Bohus and Stephen R. J. Sheppard

Article: Tool or Toy? Virtual Globes in Landscape Planning Future Internet 2011, 3(4), 204-227; doi:10.3390/fi3040204

Philip Paar and Jörg Rekittke

Article: Low-Cost Mapping and Publishing Methods for Landscape Architectural Analysis and Design in Slum-Upgrading Projects Future Internet 2011, 3(4), 228-247; doi:10.3390/fi3040228

Mark Imhof, Matthew Cox, Angela Fadersen, Wayne Harvey, Sonia Thompson, David Rees and Christopher Pettit

Article: Natural Resource Knowledge and Information Management via the Victorian Resources Online Website Future Internet 2011, 3(4), 248-280; doi:10.3390/fi3040248

David Parsons, Ramesh Lal and Manfred Lange
Article: Test Driven Development: Advancing Knowledge by Conjecture and Confirmation
Future Internet 2011, 3(4), 281-297; doi:10.3390/fi3040281

Haifeng Li and Bo Wu

Article: A Service-Oriented Architecture for Proactive Geospatial Information Services
Future Internet 2011, 3(4), 298-318; doi:10.3390/fi3040298

Subhash Sharma, Christopher Pettit, Ian Bishop, Pang Chan and Falak Sheth

Article: An Online Landscape Object Library to Support Interactive Landscape Planning
Future Internet 2011, 3(4), 319-343; doi:10.3390/fi3040319

Saviour Formosa, Vincent Magri, Julia Neuschmid and Manfred Schrenk

Article: Sharing Integrated Spatial and Thematic Data: The CRISOLA Case for Malta and the European Project Plan4all Process Future Internet 2011, 3(4), 344-361; doi:10.3390/fi3040344

Sabrina Lai and Corrado Zoppi

Article: An Ontology of the Strategic Environmental Assessment of City Masterplans 
Future Internet 2011, 3(4), 362-378; doi:10.3390/fi3040362

Arzu Coltekin and Tumasch Reichenbacher

Review: High Quality Geographic Services and Bandwidth Limitations
Future Internet 2011, 3(4), 379-396; doi:10.3390/fi3040379

Author Bio

Andy is Professor of Digital Urban Systems at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London.

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Week Ahead

Back to work after last weeks AGI conference and this week brings a range of thoughts on creating cities and visualising urban form.

We will be posting some more Google Earth Panoramas shortly as well as a quick and easy way to create clouds in Photoshop. Also later today, if we get the time, there will be a post on PixelArt and cities, an intriguing way to draw and visualise urban form in MSPaint.

Later this week we are at a conference on Grid Computing to look at batch rendering for city visualisation and simple ways to visualise data in Google Maps. At CASA we have produced a demo of visualising GPS data in both Google Maps and Google Earth simultaneously complete with animation. We should be able to get the demo up later this week.

Finally a free piece of software to convert ESRI .shp files to Google Maps is in the pipeline from CASA and we will run a preview on this as soon as we can.

Author Bio

Andy is Professor of Digital Urban Systems at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London.

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Progress and Streaming Fish

At the moment we are working on a model of Newham as well as carrying on with our panoramic image capture.

Tomorrow we will have a series of panoramas of the London Lighthouse, captured in High Dynamic Range.

We are also setting up a streaming camera for future CASA seminars. At the moment its pointing at the fish tank in the office.. so while your waiting for updates sit back and watch the fish (Edit – this should now be working (?) 13.41pm October 10th)

Note this is a test using Windows Media player, we are not sure it works outside of UCL at the moment due to firewall issues.. if not the link takes you to the CASA site which contains a number of working papers which are well worth a browse….

Author Bio

Andy is Professor of Digital Urban Systems at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London.


  1. eAi - October 9, 2006

    Doesn’t appear to be able to connect to

  2. Anonymous - October 9, 2006

    When can we expect at least a couple details (modeling programs, etc) on this workflow?

  3. Andy - October 10, 2006

    The cam should be sorted in 12 hours or so we need to reset our firewall and open a few ports.. sorry about that.

    In terms of work flow at the moment it is rectifying images then modelling in Sketchup. The model is then imported into 3DMax and saved as a .nif file for Oblivion.

    We are hoping to be able to lose the 3DMax part and then we will post up a work flow..

    At the moment we are working on a first trial of this technique on a larger area in Newham, the location of the London Olympic site.

    More updates should follow, but if you have any questions leave us a comment 🙂

  4. Andy - October 12, 2006

    After a succesful test of streaming the CASA lecture series the Cam is currently moving machines to become a permanant feature..

    The fish will be back later today and lectures will be announced as and when.. The first one is next Wednesday 5.30 GMT 🙂

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