Professor Andrew Hudson-Smith Professor of Digital Urban Systems at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA)  at University College London. He is also an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a member of the Greater London Authority Smart London Board and was Head of Department at the CASA for 8 years as well as Deputy Director for UCL East. His latest endeavour is the new MSc in Connected Environments at CASA, UCL.

With a focus on key research around smart cities, digital communication and the Internet of Things his work has featured widely in the media including, Sky Television, The New York Times, The Guardian and most recently, The One Show, Channel 4 News, New Scientist, Wired, ABC Australia, The Japan Times, BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 5.

The blog aims to cover everything relating to sensing, mapping and visualising digital technologies in urban environments, with a view towards smart cities, smart places and urban technology.

Recent Publications (2020 – 2022):

  • Hudson-Smith, A., & Batty, M. (2022). Ubiquitous geographic information in the emergent Metaverse. Transactions in GIS, 00, 1– 11.
  • Hudson-Smith, A., & Batty, M. (2022). Designing the Urban Metaverse, forthcoming in P. Aelbrecht, H. Kamalipour and N. Peimani (Editors) The Routledge Handbook of Urban Design Research Methods.
  • Hudson-Smith, A., Signorelli, V, Dawkins, O, & Batty, M. (2022). More Than One Twin: An Ecology of Model Applications in East London, in Digital Twins for Smart Cities, Cambridge Press, 2022.
  • Hudson-Smith, A (2022). Incoming Metaverses: Digital Mirrors for Urban Planning, Special Issue, Urban Planning and Gaming, Hudson-Smith and Moozhan, S. Urban Planning Journal, Cogotaito, Accepted, April 22, In Press.
  • Heeding, K & Hudson-Smith, A. (2022) Escheresque Urban Design in Social VR World: A multi-dimensional navigation structure for connected places, and context, International Design Management Research Conference, Full Paper, Canada, Accepted, April 22.
  • Nikos, Marshall, Hudson-Smith (2022),  Designing an Incubator of Public Spaces platform: applying cybernetic principles to the co-creation of spaces, Land Use Policy, Elsevier, Accepted April 22.
  • Signorelli, V, Hudson-Smith, A & Hay, D. (2022) Interfaces to Memories: Re-Constructing and Transmitting Memories of Play, forthcoming in Burn, A (Editor), From the Opies to the Digital Playground: archives, memories and practices of play, 1950s to the 2020s, UCL Press, Forthcoming.
  • Hudson-Smith A., Wilson D., Gray S., Dawkins O. (2021) Urban IoT: Advances, Challenges, and Opportunities for Mass Data Collection, Analysis, and Visualization. In: Shi W., Goodchild M.F., Batty M., Kwan MP., Zhang A. (eds) Urban Informatics. The Urban Book Series. Springer, Singapore.
  • Mobile Communications Technologies in Tree Time: The Listening Wood, (2020), L Lovett, D Hay, M De Jode, A Hudson-Smith, Leonardo: Art Science and Technology.
  • Self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technologies, (2020) A Hudson-Smith, S Hügel, F Roumpani, The Routledge Companion to Smart Cities, 39.
  • How open is OpenGLAM? Identifying barriers to commercial and non-commercial reuse of digitised art images, (2020) F Valeonti, M Terras, A Hudson-Smith, Journal of Documentation 76 (1), 1-26.
  • Examining Mobile Print-on-Demand as an Alternative to Image Licensing for Monetising Digitisation to Promote OpenGLAM (2020) F Valeonti, M Terras, A Hudson-Smith, C Zarkali
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