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Raspberry Pi Internet Radio

Part of creating a new insight into ‘Connected Environments’ (more on that term in future posts) is understanding the function, design and nature of devices. The enclosure of a device is all important and in the world of the Internet of Things, often overlooked. Before delving into casing sensors its…

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3D Printing a Radiation Shield for the Weather Flow Air

The Weather Flow ‘Smart Weather Station‘ is arguably one of the most innovative weather sensors on the market. Launched via a kickstater campaign in 2017, the system is now shipping to backers and will be made available for general sale shortly. The system consists of two current hardware modules –…

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Streaming Urban Data – YouTube Live

The increasingly availability of bandwidth along with advances in computer hardware and Internet services is making it possible to stream HD content, live from multiple places. Traditionally the first port of contact for urban data is a web page and with that comes various issues of compatibility and the ability…

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Particles – 3dsMax and Lumion/Unity

Particle Flow is a versatile, powerful particle system for Autodesk’s 3ds Max. It employs an event-driven model, using a special dialog called Particle View, allowing you to combine individual operators that describe particle properties such as shape, speed, direction, and rotation over a period of time into groups called events. Each operator provides a set of…

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IFTTT, Netatmo & Philips Hue: Linking Data to Lighting

Here at The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis we run a simple dashboard view of the weather in London. The background of the dashboard changes colour to a variety of pantone shades according to temperature. Via our CEDE project we are starting to experiment with the Philips Hue Wifi Lighting System. With the ability to…

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Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year (Movie)

2013 has been quite a year for research  – the Smart/Future Cities discussion has moved forward with a notable pace, new setups such as the Future Cities Catapult  and the Smart London Report from the GLA are starting to drive the uptake. It has been a year of research around…

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Screens in the Wild

Screens in the Wild is a collaborative project initiated by researchers from the Space Group at University College London and the Mixed Reality Lab at University of Nottingham. It investigates how media screens located in urban space can be designed to benefit public life, rather than merely transmit commercial content….

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