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John Housser has sent us in a panorama captured in Google Earth of Treasure Cay, Abaco in the Bahamas. Treasure Cay is one of the most popular and elaborate resorts in the Islands, located on the east coast of Great Abaco, it boasts 5.5km (3 1/2 miles) of spectacular sandy beach. You can view John’s panorama from his website, its also worth clicking through to the home page to view the other panoramas he has produced – we especially like the ‘Overboard the MS Explorer‘ image.

If your new to this our tutorial allows you to create panoramas from Google Earth using Gaby’s script and some photo stitching software. It is possible to output some stunning images using this technique such as the the panoramas sent in so far of: London, New York, Moscow, Belgium, Paris, Sydney and The Desolation Wilderness.

If you create your own panorama from the tutorial let us know and we will post it on the blog..

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