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Whilst sitting in our hotel room, writing a lecture for IMAGINA 2007 in Monte-Carlo, we came across the following example demonstrating building in Second Life from the excellent blog TheArch:

Our hour and half lecture is entitled ‘When Architecture and Games Collide’ providing a run through of Half Life, Oblivion and Second Life in terms of importing digital architecture for visualisation.

Next week the blog gets back to normal with posts and news from Japan and news on the latest software and hardware at the IMAGINA show.


  • Chip Poutine says:

    Great stuff from my colleague and friend Keystone Bouchard. He was also the chief architect for Autodesk Island and the US House of Representatives in Second Life.

    Also wanted to say I’m a fan of your amazing work and plan on including your Oblivion explorations (alongside the Half-Life Fallingwater map) at a conference to architects in Vancouver this April.

    The presentation is called: “Building the City of Bits: Virtual Architecture Gets a Second Life”



  • Anonymous says:

    Soy piel justa alegre que elegiste hablar de esta materia, así que de mucha gente lejos del del mundo real .

  • Anonymous says:

    this is stupid.

    why do people imitate reality in a world where there’s no law of physics???

    why are there posts and beams?…it doesn’t make sense.

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