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We came across St John’s Church on the way back from Keats House in Hampstead – the subject of a future panorama. The Grade I listed building has stood on the site since 1823 in an architectural style more reminiscent of New England than London churches of its time.

The St John’s website notes that:

‘As a proprietary chapel, St John’s is recognised as a church within the London Diocese of the Church of England but has complete independence in financial matters. It receives no support from and makes no contribution to Diocesan Funds. It is entirely self supporting and all costs, including staff and building costs, are borne by the congregation which has owned the building since 2003 when they bought it from the family trust which had owned it and leased it to them since the First World War’.

Under a stormy sky the panorama was captured in high dynamic range, you can view a higher resolution version of the panorama via our Flickr Group.

View the Church of St John’s Downshire Hill in Quick Time Virtual Reality (2.9Mb).

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