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In essence the only plus points about the IPod Touch are the extra memory (if you go for the 16Gb option) and not having to sign up to a new phone contract, compared to the IPhone.

The minus points are many with various niggles about lack of a volume control on the unit meaning having to remove the Ipod from your pocket and touch twice/swipe everytime you want to skip a track or change the volume. Engadget have just put up their thoughts and we have to say that we agree with most of their views.

In addition to these points are the lack of applications compared to the IPhone, notably in our view the Google Maps App. However, as the IPhone and the IPod Touch run the same operating system the apps seem to be interchangeable as long as you can find a way to transfer them.

We don’t recommend this due to issues of warranty and copyright but are reporting the ability to transfer to the Ipod Touch. No word on levels of success yet but if you want to fill up your Ipod Touch screen with all those missing apps we are betting the chance is only a few weeks away.

With it of course comes a void warranty and risk of legal action etc etc….

For those interested our Ipod Touch is going back to the Apple Store in Regent Street, London, next week as its screen is shockingly bad for playing video, see Apple Touch for more info.


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