Skip to main content has published the highest resolution imagery of London we have seen. Coming in at a staggering 4cm resolution the imagery is of such quality to pin point individuals and with it come privacy concerns.

The Guardian’s Technology section has a full article covering these issues:

The map, from, publishes aerial photography at a resolution of 4cm for London and 12.5cm for the rest of the UK. In the right conditions, images at this resolution are enough to identify individuals – a step that existing online mapping ventures such as Google Earth and Microsoft’s Virtual Earth have so far been careful to avoid.

You can read the full article here.

View the imagery direct from

* as an update – the site has great resolution but the interface and screen layout is poor – if it was in Google Maps or Live Local it would be great, as it is its a bit of a disappointment *

*you can view the maps full screen via a beta flash interface by clicking here – the extra screen space definitely helps. Thanks to eAI for the tip in our comments box, the long URL got truncated, thus our update*


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