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Scanning our old hard drive we came across our final movie detailing the results of a tutorial for importing Google SketchUp models into the Oblivion gaming engine. We thought it was lost to a previous hard drive crash but having found it we thought it was worthy of uploading to Vimeo and sharing again:

Oblivion Mod: University College London Quad from digitalurban on Vimeo.

The process of going from Google SketchUp to Oblivion is well worth it, simply follow our two part tutorial on importing objects SketchUp/3DMax into Oblivion.


  • Anonymous says:

    What happened to your Sketchup to Crysis tutorial(did you give up?)

  • Smithee says:

    The illusive Crysis tutorial – we didnt give up but we did hit a rendering bug and then ran out of time due to other deadlines.

    We are still on the case though with Crysis mentioned in the latest post on Havok and agents. SketchUp to Crysis worked fine, but via 3D Max and it involved quite a few steps.

    Perhaps we should take a day out to produce a tutorial, really sorry it hasn’t been done yet, sometimes ‘work’ annoyingly gets in the way of the blog…


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