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‘Top Tens’ are always subjective but when it comes to the best skylines of the world, Hong Kong is normally listed as number one. We have to agree, the skyline is stunning and as a city is it one of all time favorite destinations, purely for the cityscape. The movie above counts down the top ten according to Fredgar125, we are not sure we agree about the placing of number 2 and 3 though – we would swap them over.

In our first ever poll – do you agree that Hong Kong is the best skyline in the world?

Note – sorry for the typo ‘shoudl’ annoyingly Polls cannot be changed once set running. The author has been suitably reprimanded..

See also 15 Best Skylines in the World on City Noise and Top Skylines of the World on diserio to name but two of many lists.


  • Anonymous says:

    Nice post. I’m distinctly underwhelmed with 10 through to 5 though.

    I think London’s burgeoning skyline will certainly top Singapore’s once complete – (though cocktails on the 70th floor of the Swissotel is truly something special)

  • Anonymous says:

    At least 5 buildings over 700 feet are in the last phases of their construction. (Trump Tower will be Chicago’s 2nd tallest.)

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