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At night or in bad weather, elite military and security professionals are reliant on technology to find potential threats. Infrared and video cameras can not get enough pixels on target to cover wide areas. But radar coupled with a PTZ camera and you have a winning solution that covers a wide area and which then allows you to slew the camera to the potential threat and identify the target.

Now thats all well and good in a slightly over the top military manner but in the centre of a city there is not much need to use a personal elite military system. It does strike us however that the technology would be suitbale for real-time crowd tracking, site analysis and modelling validation, with the that in mind take a look at the movie below:

Using radar in an urban setting for crowd tracking could open up new views on urban systems. To

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  • Anonymous says:

    Anyone that’s worked with computer vision will easily show this system as useless in an urban setting.

    Background subtraction is quite easy in the test video. And there is only one target.

    urban scene has hundreds of ‘targets’.

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