3D Agents

Lumion, Unity, Agents & Objects

Crowd, transport and urban simulations are at their roots down to ‘Agents’ or ‘Objects’ that are assigned a set of rules as to how to moves in relation to both the environment and other agents around them. 3D Studio Max has a built in ‘Crowd and Delegate’ system which can…

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Second Life: Agent Based Models Update

As part of joint work with gisagents.blogspot.com we have just finished another part of Agent-Street where agents and avatars can interact with each other. The idea here is to merge iconic and symbolic urban models in a multi-user real time environment: Agent-Based Modelling in Second Life from Andrew Crooks on…

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CASA Free Two Day Workshop: London 8/9 Jan 09

For the next couple of days we are away from the blog at the CASA (home of digital urban) two day workshop. Running over the 8th and 9th January 2009 in London: the first day of the event is designed to showcase CASA’s use of new technologies for mapping and…

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