3d Cities

3D City on the iPad (Movie)

Mobile 3D City, the people behind the excellent Paris 3D application on the iPhone have released a movie detailing a 3D City dataset from Blom running on an Ipad: In many ways the iPad is the perfect device for exploring 3D cities, we spent the weekend playing about with Google…

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The Attractive City Generator

The ‘Attractive City Generator’ is an an interactive installation by Sofia Georgakopoulou, Edyta Augustynowicz and Setafnie Sixt. It was created as part of the The Master of Advanced Studies in CAAD at ETH in Zurich. The students task was to explore urban design methodologies with the use of parametric programs…

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Valencia, Spain 3D City

The 3D cities roll out continues at increasing pace – the movie below captured by YourWorldIn3D details Valencia, Spain: Its certainly impressive, Google’s increasingly strong focus on geographic information is of note…

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