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Particles – 3dsMax and Lumion/Unity

Particle Flow is a versatile, powerful particle system for Autodesk’s 3ds Max. It employs an event-driven model, using a special dialog called Particle View, allowing you to combine individual operators that describe particle properties such as shape, speed, direction, and rotation over a period of time into groups called events. Each operator provides a set of…

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Mega City One – Greeble and After Effects

Greeble is a quick and easy way to create large scale sci-fi cityscapes – using our previous tutorials on Building a Greeble Skyscraper and Creating a Greeble City it is possible to create a scene in under an hour. Martin Miroľa has used a mix of the Greeble plugin in 3D…

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CASA Cubes in the City

As part of a future ‘Easter’ themed  promotion we have produced a short teaser clip around ‘cubes in the city’. The movie was produced using ESRI City Engine, 3D Max and Lumion  – it is also being used as part of our Masters course on Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation…

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Lumion, Unity, Agents & Objects

Crowd, transport and urban simulations are at their roots down to ‘Agents’ or ‘Objects’ that are assigned a set of rules as to how to moves in relation to both the environment and other agents around them. 3D Studio Max has a built in ‘Crowd and Delegate’ system which can…

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Procedural Building Generator v0.5 Launched

Tyson Ibele, over at http://tysonibele.com/ has released the latest version of his Building Generator for 3D Max 9 and above. Development has been swift with the addition of textures a couple of weeks ago and now a notable update to the creation of windows/details on the buildings. With the creation…

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Free Procedural Buildings Generator – Now with Textures

The procedural buildings generator from http://www.tysonibele.com/ has eaten up quite a lot of our free time in the week since its was released. With updates coming thick and fast it now includes automatic texture creation complete with an included texture pack. If digital urban gave out awards, this plugin would…

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Free Procedural Buildings Generator Released for 3D Max

Procedural building generators are few are far between so when one comes along that is not only powerful but also free it is well worth our attention. Tyson Ibele, over at http://tysonibele.com/ has released version 1.5 of his Building Generator for 3D Max 9 and above. The clip below provides…

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