3D Modelling

Particles – 3dsMax and Lumion/Unity

Particle Flow is a versatile, powerful particle system for Autodesk’s 3ds Max. It employs an event-driven model, using a special dialog called Particle View, allowing you to combine individual operators that describe particle properties such as shape, speed, direction, and rotation over a period of time into groups called events. Each operator provides a set of…

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3D Printed Mechanical Clock

The rise in 3D printers and the move towards semi-consumer level models, such as MakerBot Replicator 2, opens up a wealth of opportunity to build everyday items. With a Replicator 2 in the corner of the office here at CASA, University College London, we thought we would try to print…

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UCL Quad – Procedural City and Lumion

The Quadrangle at University College London was designed by William Wilkins and constructed between 1827 and 1828. It is a natural building of urban research as its surroundings provide a mix of architectural styles. The 3D model of the quad was built using SketchUp with photos grabbed via a mobile phone – quick and…

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Flying Cities

Flying Cities is a concept animation by Stefan Haberkorn – it is one of the best uses of Lumion we have seen so far. It goes beyond the normal architectural visualisation and makes good use of landscaping and volumetric clouds. The full movie below sets the standard: Head over to http://www.vi-3d.de/ to see more examples of Stefans…

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