Aerial Photography

Swinglet CAM: DIY Drone Aerial Photography

If anyone is sorting out a Digital Urban Christmas List, then please add the Swinglet CAM and mark it with a little star for high priority. With a 30 minute flying time, 12 mile range, 12Mp camera and ability to follow preprogrammed GPS tracks this is one of the best…

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MikroKopter: Aerial Panoramas and Remote Surveys

The MikroKopter was developed by German pioneers Holger Buss and Ingo Busker which according to Next Gen RC -the UK suppliers- is fun and educational to build, has outstanding flying performance and will very likely to be the most stable VTOL aircraft you have ever flown! To be honest we…

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Nokia N95 Kite Aerial Photography

Looking at the kite in the corner of the office we started thinking about using it to grab some geotagged images from our N95. A quick google search later however shows that we have been well and truly beaten to it – there are a number of examples out there…

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