Architectural Visualisation

Lumion 3 – ESRI CityEngine and Autodesk 3D Max

Lumion is one of the best rapid visualisation systems out there for architectural style rendering. Its ease of use and ability to create scenes complete with advanced sky and lighting effects make it perfect for urban visualisation. With the release of version 3 we thought we would take the free version for…

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404 Festival Taiwan 2010 Viz

The 404 Festival Taiwan 2010 / Official Spot film investigates the genesis of a world created from information where success and failure becomes layered into an evolving urban landscape: 404 Festival Taiwan 2010 / Official Spot from 404 Festival on Vimeo. Created by Nice Shoes, and in their own words…

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Viralata produced the movie below as a test working on 3D architectural design with Blender.He started to study how to use modifiers to get a shape that adapts automatically to the floors, adding the ability to “sculpt” the building easily and see the result. déformations from Viralata on Vimeo.The music…

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Museum Plaza – Louisville, Kentucky

The video below was produced for an exhibition featuring the proposed Museum Plaza building for Louisville, Kentucky. Museum Plaza from Brooklyn Digital Foundry on Vimeo. We like the integration of the digital into the model footage, especially with the traffic. That said, the pixelated faces of the workers in the…

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Bonsai City / Typology A,B,C

The movie below is featured in a forthcoming exhibition about urban visions in Stuttgart at the Kunstbezirk: Bonsai City / Typology A,B,C from Michael Fragstein on Vimeo.The ideology and animation was carried out by Michael Fragstein, produced by Büro Achter April, music and sound by Marc Fragstein. The exhibition runs…

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Lumitectura: Light, Music and Architecture

Lumitectura is a music video by barno about the relation of light, music and architecture. The clip is defined by 3 elements. -One videofile, shot between 2 and 6 pm.-The speed of playback of this file, which is synchronised manually to the music.-Approximately 50 different masks, which define where the…

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