city photography

Photoshop Tutorial: City Star and Aircraft Trails

Last week we covered creating ‘day trails’ in Photoshop using the technique in Astrophotography known as ‘star trails’. Today we take the same technique and use it to create a view of city activity at night. You will need: 1 x Timelapse System, you can use a simple webcam as…

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Fotografic Memories: Memories, Music and Timelapse

Photographer Salman Ashrafi notes that in today’s world, depending on what we do, we rarely find the time to just sit and observe everything that goes on around us. His movies, known as ‘Fotografic Memories’ represent Salmans’ work to make up for this loss of time and we really like…

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Noticings : The Game of Noticing the World Around You

This is a nice concept – taking photos of things you ‘notice’ and uploading them to flickr with the tag ‘noticings’ and a geolocation. Noticings are interesting things that you stumble across when out and about. In short, Noticings is basically a game about learning to look at the world…

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