City Timelapses

City Timelapses: Finding Portland

Finding Portland was produced, shot, and edited in 51 days during March and April at the invitation of TEDx Portland, where the video was unveiled to a sell out crowd of 650 and met with a standing ovation. Filmed in Portland and the Columbia Gorge, the time-lapse piece offers a new…

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The Beat of Shibuya

Shibuya in Tokyo is second only to Akihabara as one of our of favourite places to truly observe the urban phenomena. The movie was captured by  darwinfish105 soon after the recent earthquake with a note from the author that despite the then fears of radioactive contamination the heartbeat of the city continued: Lens : TS-E24mm f/3.5L…

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High on London: Tilt-Shift City

The clip below  was filmed and produced start to finish in 12 hours by Matt Gosden and Rob Rackstraw. Hats off to Matt and Rob as its fantastic: The sequence was captured using an Olympus E-PL1.

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London Interior Timelapse Sequences

Grzegorz Rogala has used a  Sigma 8mm fisheye and a Nikon D90 DSLR to capture some stunning timelapse sequences around London, notably within internal spaces rather than the normal external scenes: London Time-Lapse Video from Grzegorz Rogala on Vimeo.Interior timelapse sequences are always tricky, mainly as tripod use is often…

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MegaCities: A Puccini Timelapse

The film below is a celebration of some of the world’s great cities edited to Giacomo Puccini’s “Nessen Dorma.” Footage was collected by film maker Craig McCourry during his past year exploring the megacities: As Craig states – there is a certain freedom of roaming a metropolis in search of…

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Toronto: A Day in the Life Timelapse Movie

The timelapse by Robert Fisher entitled ‘A day in the life of Toronto’ consists of 18 hours of real time compressed to just over 3 minutes. The movie documents the typical goings on of daily life in Toronto, from the business rush of King & Bay to tourists along the…

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24 Hours in London: A Timelapse

Ed Ratcliffe is a rather good 16 year old film maker, his most recent film ’24 Hours in London’ captures the pulse of the city with some superb timelapses: 24 Hours in London: A Timelapse Film from Ed Ratcliffe on Vimeo. Ed is behind ‘Slender Films’ you can keep up…

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Sketches of Boston Traffic: Tilt-Shift Timelapse

Sundays are somehow made for posts on the use of tilt-shift and timelapse photography in cities. The clip below by Patrick Johnson captures traffic in Boston: Sketches of Boston Traffic – #7 from Patrick Johnson on Vimeo. The clip is number 7 in a series of sketches on Boston traffic…

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