CityEngine 2009.2 Released

Procedural Inc. has announced the CityEngine 2009.2, the latest version of its software for the fast creation, visualization and analysis of large 3D cities. The software is used by high-profile companies such as Foster+Partners, Microsoft, Navteq, Boeing, IBM, Thales, Blizzard, Square Enix, etc. and was awarded Killer Technology 2009 by…

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CryEngine 3: Global Illumination Demo

Crysis showed what was possible in terms of using game engines for architectural visualisation. The third version of the engine has just been demoed at SIGGRAPH 2009 – Take a look at for more footage and information, we cant wait to give it a try… Thanks go to Ben…

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Crysis Physics Engine

Our previous post featured tweaking the physics in Grand Theft Auto, the Crysis Engine is far more flexible, allowing for any number of simulations to be set up. The movie above by V1nc3nc0 provides a series of physics test running in real time on a AMD Athlon X2 6000+ @…

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CryEngine 3 Preview

In the midst of attempting to import objects into the CryEngine 2 – see our post on ‘A Return to Crysis? SketchUp and 3D Max Progress‘ we missed the sneak preview of the CryEngine 3 at the Games Developers Conference. As the specs state: CryENGINE® 3 is the first Xbox…

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Crysis: Physics Engine Movies

Crysis LEGO map from Robert Tieber on Vimeo. The Crysis engine has an inbuilt physics system that supports vehicles, rigid bodies, liquid, rag doll, cloth and soft body effects. The movies in this post provide a glimpse of the physics engine in action, the first clip above demonstrates the ‘Lego’…

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Oblivion in Crysis Engine

We have worked in both the Oblivion and Crysis Engines and the movies below represents an interesting crossing of worlds – Oblivion running in Crysis: The work was only a proof on concept but still fell foul of copyright – see here for full details. As a proof of concept…

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Road Networks: Bringing 3D Greeble Cities to Life

Our Greeble City Tutorial provides a walk through on how to quickly and easily create a cityscape, complete with custom skyscrapers. Creating a city is all well and good but it is the fine details that brings a 3D city to life, the first of these is the road network….

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Cities in the Crysis Sandbox Editor

Our city – built as part of the Fantasy Architecture project – is normally our first test point for importing into new engines. It provides a good test of the ability to cope with large cityscapes and real-time lighting etc. With our work using the Crysis Sandbox Editor ongoing in…

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