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Colours: A Live London Weather Dashboard

Here at The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis we run a Davis Vantage Pro 2 unit with Solar and UV sensors from a rooftop on Tottenham Court Road. The current output is via our live ‘Weather Dials‘ page, which is all singing and dancing, complete with graphs and updates every…

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The London Data Table

As regular readers will know we recently held a one day conference here at CASA entitled Smart Cities, Bridging the Physical and Digital. As part of the conference Steven Gray and George MacKerron built various exhibition pieces, including the  London Data Table. Created in the shape of Greater London, the table had various visualisations…

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ABM, SketchUp, ArcGIS and Lumion

Over the past few weeks we have been exploring exploring new methods and techniques for visualising data. Developed as part our Masters course in Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation we are now looking into issues of scale, realtime rendering, rapid visualisation and 3D exhibition spaces. Regular readers will know we have been exploring Unity…

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London Twitter Data as a Landscape

Readers will know that as part of the MRes in Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation, here in CASA, we are exploring new methods and techniques for visualising data. As part of the course we are looking at collecting data from the Twitter API and using the resulting .csv file as an input…

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A Photoshop for Graphs – Introducing Gephi

The last 12 months have seen the release of vast amounts of publicly available data, which has led to a bit of conundrum on how to easily visualise complex networks. What is needed is a ‘Photoshop for Graphs’ which is exactly what Gephi is. In short, Gephi is an interactive…

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Steam Punk Beta Tweet-O-Meter

As regular readers will know our Tweet-o-Meter features tweets per minute within a 30km area of New York, London, Paris, Munich, San Francisco, Barcelona, Oslo, Tokyo, Toronto, Rome, Moscow and Sydney. Ben Blundell, here at CASA, has taken some time off from our TOTeM project and has hooked up a…

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Data Visualisation: Budgets and Good Morning Twitter

If like us you are often trying to find interesting new ways to visualise data then a quick look at the collection on Vimeo can lead to many lost hours. One excellent example is of British Columbia’s budget update by blprnt: BC Budget Visualization Tool from blprnt on Vimeo. blpnt…

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GPS Visualisation: Urban Art and Urban Cycles

Urban cycle studies are the science of everyday life, they focus on the daily routine of the city with its habits and rhythms as they occur in most citizens’ lifes. It is the power of the normal that brings stability and the routine that ensures security with the cycles dynamic…

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