CityEngine 2012 – New Features and ‘Sketch Tool’

CityEngine 2012 now supports easy-to-use editing tools for the quick sketching and texturing of 3D building models (read SketchUp): Its only towards the end of the clip that you realise that the resulting 3D geometries can be saved back to the file geodatabase, allowing proceduaural modelling of your SketchUp style models…. CityEngine…

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City in a Book: Augmenting the CityEngine

Over the past few days we have been working on a series of techniques to visualise and augment procedural cities. If you add in a model of a BenQ projector, the MRes in Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation Handbook, a city within the CASA logo and a webcam you get the following augmented reality:…

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15 Minutes with CityEngine and Lumion….

A quick weekend post – following on from our first look at CityEngine and Lumion we have expanded the visualisation to add in various standard items from the Lumion library along with a surrounding terrain and waterside setting: Total development time: 15 minutes with rendering 1.5 hours, its getting quicker…

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CityEngine: ESRI and Lumion a first look.

Yesterday a license for CityEngine landed on our desk from the nice people at ESRI and to be honest we were a little too excited for our own good, after all its only software. However, CityEngine and its integration with ESRI ArcGIS, while maintaining full export capabilities to load into 3DMax/Lumion/Unity etc,…

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flutter: Realtime Social Media Mapping

We are always wary of any description text that states ‘one of the most interesting things you’ll watch all day’ but it is actually a really neat movie and product, so we’ll let the marketing department off this time – flutter: Written in Adobe Flex, the application mashes up ESRI’s…

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ESRI and Microsoft Team up for ArcGIS 9.3.1

We knew this was coming and indeed it was possible via other routes but its still quite a notable move with ESRI teaming up with Microsoft to offer Virtual Earth directly within ArcGIS. The full announcement is below: ESRI Expands Virtual Earth Access in GIS by Teaming with Microsoft ArcGIS…

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Embed Virtual Earth into ESRI’s ArcGIS

The excellent Arc2Earth from Brian Flood has always had the ability to display map tiles from Microsoft, Yahoo and as a custom layer in your map. What is new in the current beta release is the ability to directly embed the API from Microsoft and Google into ArcMap –…

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