Is Google Maps GIS? Neogeography in The Cloud

In the blogsphere (see High Earth Orbit and BlinkGeo) there is discussion going on about the role of Google Maps in GIS and indeed if Google Maps can be seen as GIS? Google Maps (in our view) changed everything in the online geographic world. Where once data was restricted to…

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Geographic Data in Second Life

Now we have a route from ESRI’s ArcMap into Second Life it opens up all sorts of possibilities for importing geographical data into an environment that is ripe for public participation and collaboration type outreach activities. The movie below details various population data sets displayed per London Borough, it is…

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Yahoo! Map Mixer – Overlay Maps With Ease

Looking back only two years ago if we wanted to upload a map via the web there would be all sorts of questions of copyright, overlay data, servers and a good few hours in a high end GIS system. Thankfully those days are long gone and uploading maps is getting…

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