Importing into Second Life

California High Speed Rail: A Metaverse Vision

The use of machinima for project proposals is an interesting move into the more traditional CAD world. Machinima may lack the highly polished visuals that architects and designers have become used to but it adds in the ability to communicate on a human scale and allows a much stronger ability…

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Sketchlife: SketchUp to Second Life

We have never quite understood why Second Life is such a closed shop when it comes down to importing models – compared to systems such as Sketch Worlds, which we covered earlier this week, it has been a positively painful process to get any model in the environment. However, Sketchlife…

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GIS in Second Life: SIMGIS

Embedded below is an intriguing demo of GIS in Second Life, termed ‘SIMGIS’ the technology demo has been prepared for International GIS Day 2008: Three levels of detail are represented in the movie: Level 1 is a 1:42-scale bare earth terrain model with an orthoimage “satellite” photo draped over it,…

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Building by Numbers: Automated Architecture

Building By Numbers from Kisa Naumova on Vimeo. The movie above illustrates Kisa Naumova’s work to recreate 27 floors of the Leeds School of Contemporary Art and Graphic Design. Kisa used a series of architects’ drawings, traced out in Illustrator, and subsequently run through custom made scripts to automatically build…

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Geography in Second Life

Geography in Second Life: Neogeography from digitalurban on Vimeo. The movie above is a 3 minute clip of our work to date in Second Life. We have been working on Second Nature Island on land kindly donated by the Nature Publishing Group to explore how ‘classic geography and cities’ can…

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Import Any Model into Second Life: AC3D

Importing models into Second Life is still for various reasons a difficult task – the people from however have just made it a whole lot easier with their plugin for AC3D. There are three ways to import from AC3D into Second Life: 1) Sculpted prim maker AC3D’s Sculpted Prim…

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Building from a Box – Second Life CAD

As its Boxing Day (a public holiday celebrated in the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Australia and many other members of the Commonwealth of Nations on December 26) we thought it would be timely to look at creating a building from a box in second life. Thankfully the process…

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Geographic Data in Second Life

Now we have a route from ESRI’s ArcMap into Second Life it opens up all sorts of possibilities for importing geographical data into an environment that is ripe for public participation and collaboration type outreach activities. The movie below details various population data sets displayed per London Borough, it is…

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