3D London: Google Earth

With recent developments here in CASA we somehow managed to miss the addition of automated 3D models into Google Earth for London. The mix of hand made and we presume LiDAR derived models is stunning with resolution down to modelling the chimneys on many buildings: The quad at University College London is…

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Urban Trees: London

A short yet somehow eye opening clip that should make anyone living in London wondering why this is not already part of our infrastructure: Created by Hixon Design, a company providing green solutions for awkward spaces, we can see a few practical issues but overall it would make many London streets slightly nicer, and…

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London Cycle Flows: A Sociable Physics Animation

The animation below details the real-time behaviour of hire bikes in London on October 4th 2010, the day of a major tube strike, and the busiest day for the scheme to date. Departure times and journey durations are real; routing is calculated from OSM data; average speed from journey duration…

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London Bus Flows: An URBAGRAM Animation

Cities can be considered “flows of information, vehicles and people” (Sheller, 2007) transported along diverse urban networks. In the Flowprint of London below, the city’s extensive bus network is used to sketch an animated portrait of the living city, its wonderful: LDN Flowprint from Anil Bawa-Cavia on Vimeo. The system…

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London Cycle Hire in Google Earth

Adrian Short, the person behind the fantastic Boris Bikes API which serves live data about bike and docking station availability has created a visualization in Google Earth detailing current bike availability across London: To view the live version and see full details on how it was done – head over…

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Walk Through Time: London 1890

Walking Through Time is a SatNav for historical maps: A phone app that combines GPS technology with old maps to allow users to literally walk through time. It is one of the best apps we have used and the good news is it now covers the whole of London. The…

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The Cycle of the City: London City Life

The movie below is a degree short piece written, filmed and edited by James Varty & Andy Hippisley of Last in Line Productions. Filmed on Sony z1 and edited in Final Cut Pro it portrays life in the city and the endless cycle of travel, work, sleep: The cycle is…

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