MapTube: Now with 145 Census Maps

As part of work on the JISC funded National e-Infrastructure for Social Simulation project, CASA has put online 145 census maps. Running within the MapTube system, each map can be mixed and matched with any other map to create unique overlays. The system was developed as a quick and easy…

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GMapCreator: Clickable Thematic Maps Preview

Over at the GENeSIS blog Richard Milton of CASA has put up a sneak preview detailing some of the functionality of the latest GMapCreator. Traditionally clickable maps have been built using a server and database to translate the click on the client into a geographic area using point in polygon…

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MPs’ Expenses Map on MapTube

In recent weeks the level of expenses claimed by Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom has been hitting the headlines. Thanks to MapTube here at CASA it is now possible to view a map of the UK detailing MPs’ expenditure from 1 April 2007 to 31 March 2008, the…

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Mapping the Credit Crunch – MapTube on the BBC

With a slightly different hat on from our normal urban visualisation work we also run our National Centre for e-Social Science grant here at CASA. One of the biggest successes of the grant has been MapTube which is based on our GMap Creater software developed by Richard Milton here in…

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Global McDonald’s Price Map: BurgerNomics

We have been adding some new maps recently to MapTube, our most recent being the global price of Big Mac’s around the world. Based on the Big Mac Index which according to the Wiki was “introduced by The Economist in September 1986 as a humorous illustration and has been published…

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