Google Earth PhotoOverlay with Hotspots

Stefan Geens of the Ogle Earth Blog has put up an interesting post which in part uses our labs Google Earth PhotoOverlay Creator to good effect for archaeological dig visualisation. It is well worth taking a look at Stefans’ post as he has integrated other photographs into the panorama, creating…

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Top 5 Urban Gadgets and Software

This blog is all about capturing the urban realm via low end digital means. As such over the years we have relied on various gadgets, software and pieces of kit which make the job easier. In our view the 5 essential items for capturing and visualising the urban environment are:…

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Nokia N95 Kite Aerial Photography

Looking at the kite in the corner of the office we started thinking about using it to grab some geotagged images from our N95. A quick google search later however shows that we have been well and truly beaten to it – there are a number of examples out there…

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How to Stitch a Panorama with the Nokia N95

Taking panoramas used to be an art form that took a lot of knowledge, a lot of heavy hardware and the semi-manual placement of control points in complicated software. To some extent this still stands true but with the advent of 5 mega pixel cameras on phones such as the…

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Coming Soon – Creating a Panorama with the N95

We are just putting together a ‘How to’ on creating a panoramic image with the Nokia N95. The results are surprisingly good with the final image coming in at 15616×7808 pixels. Its going to take overnight to process the image, the tutorial is written and as soon as our Image…

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Nokia N95 Tracking from San Francisco to Santa Barbara

We have run a couple of posts recently on the GPS functionality of the Nokia N95, most notably using the Sports Tracker application to track a train in London. We continue this theme, this time tracking our 5 hour drive from San Francisco to Santa Barbara, California. The interesting issues…

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Nokia N95 GPS Google Earth – Tracking a Train

In a follow up to yesterday’s post, on the Nokia N95’s built in GPS and creating GPS track for visualisation in Google Earth, we thought we would try it out on the train back to Central London. To be honest we didn’t think it would work but as we switched…

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