Introducing GEMMA: A Geospatial Engine for Mass Mapping Applications

GEMMA is the latest in a series of geospatial projects from the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, here at University College London. We are experiencing a massive explosion of online geospatial data from many new and unconventional sources from mobile devices to crowd-sourcing tools. Combined with newly released public sector information,…

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Data Mash-Ups and the Future of Mapping: JISC Report

Over the past few months we have been working with colleagues here at CASA, University College London and at the University of Nottingham, in association with the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) to write a report on Data mash-ups and the future of mapping. We are pleased to say the…

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Come in Neogeography Your Time is Up

We are currently writing a technical report on all things geographic and coming to write the term ‘Neogeography’ has to be honest become painful. Sure, we have written many papers and book chapters on the topic but perhaps its one to lay to rest as we try to explain below……

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New paper: NeoGeography and Web 2.0

The current issue of the Journal of Location Based Services is a special edition on Neogeography edited by Sanjay Rana and Thierry Joliveau. Apart from the editorial there are three papers of particular note in this special issue. The first is by Michael Goodchild, entitiled “NeoGeography and the nature of…

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