Oblivion in Crysis Engine

We have worked in both the Oblivion and Crysis Engines and the movies below represents an interesting crossing of worlds – Oblivion running in Crysis: The work was only a proof on concept but still fell foul of copyright – see here for full details. As a proof of concept…

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Crysis Engine Level Editior – Rapid Level Modification

Over the last few months we have taken a couple of looks at the forthcoming game Crysis using the CryEngine 2 for architectural visualisation. The movie below provides a quick recap on the quality and realtime lighting: Of interest for urban visualisation is the level editor which is detailed in…

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Oblivion Elder Scrolls IV Import Movie

Following our two part tutorial on importing objects into Oblivion with a few finishing touches we can go from the original model in Google SketchUp to various weather and lighting effects in Oblivion: The 4 minute YouTube movie above details the model in Oblivion captured in real-time. We will be…

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How to create Oblivion Panoramas

A reader of the blog going by the name of digitdaily has sent us in some great instructions on how to create full 360×180 degree panoramas from Oblivion. Digit decided to give the process a try while waiting for our part 2 of the Importing SketchUp/3D Max into the Oblivion…

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Oblivion Tutorial Progress

Edit *The tutorial is now online* A quick temporary post to provide an update on the forthcoming SketchUp/3D Max importing into Oblivion tutorial. Importing into game engines is a notoriously difficult process for the first time user, in light of this our aim is to make a simple to follow…

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