Oblivion – SketchUp/3D Max Import Examples

We are currently working on what has turned out to be our most requested tutorial to date – how to import SketchUp and 3D Studio Max models into the Oblivion Engine. As an update for those new to these series of posts using the PC game Oblivion it is possible…

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Fantasy Architecture – SketchUp

A while ago we built a imaginary or fantasy city in 3D Studio Max – partly as a way of experimenting with the software and partly as a way to get around the rules implied of our Virtual London model of not being able to insert any politically sensitive buildings….

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Real Time Architectual Visualisation in Oblivion

We have built a city as part of our Fantasy Architecture project but until now we have not been able to visualise it in real-time. There are of course high end real-time engines available to architects but these often come at considerable cost. In a series of posts we have…

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London Eye Visualisation in Oblivion

Following on from our post on the Quad at University College London in the Oblivion Engine we have run a test on importing raw CAD data. Our beta model of the London Eye imported without error which is encouraging for visualising the London model as a whole. The movie above…

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Half Life 0 Oblivion 1 – Half Life Update

Importing into the Half Life 2 Engine has proved slow and problematic. The requirement to create ‘qc’ files and compile models before even reaching the engine puts time constraints on the process that make it laborious for architectural models to be visualised. The engine behind the game Oblivion however is…

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