Second Life

Digital Urban: Top Five Favourites

Summer seems to be a good time of year to dig out those movies that we have liked over our time on digital urban so far. First off we are going to look at our own movies (its slightly indulgent) that in the 1500 odd posts often get lost, we…

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CG + Second Life Machinima

Below is a promotional movie of the activity for public industrial-academic complex of Tokyo Metropolitan University. The clip is composed of 2 elements, firstly 3D composite work using photographs of cities and campuses and secondly, machinima in Second Life using photographs of researchers and their work: Normally we wouldn’t cover…

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Second Life: Agent Based Models Update

As part of joint work with we have just finished another part of Agent-Street where agents and avatars can interact with each other. The idea here is to merge iconic and symbolic urban models in a multi-user real time environment: Agent-Based Modelling in Second Life from Andrew Crooks on…

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INSILICO: Second Life Cyberpunk City

INSILICO is a ‘cyberpunk’ city constructed prim by prim in Second Life. In general the cityscape of Second Life has yet to grab us with only smaller architectural projects such as those focused on by The Arch being of note. However, the movie below providing a 9 minute flythrough of…

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Augmented Reality in (outside) of Second Life

As we have pondered in various posts Augmented Reality is a quick win in terms of visualisation, it is realtivly easy to implement and has a high ‘wow’ factor. The concept is simple, a webcam is linked up via a toolkit that is able to identify printed tags, the system…

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