SketchUp 8: Full Building Maker Integration

We have just fallen in love with Google SketchUp all over again, we are slightly late to the table on this one but Google Building Maker is now fully integrated into SketchUp 8. It has the genius of Canoma with the addition of all the editing functions that come with SketchUp and…

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SketchUp Realtime Lighting: LightUp

Game Engines such as Unity make the perfect platform to create a virtual exhibition space. Spaces where architecture, urban models and urban furniture can be displayed and viewed alongside movies and sound-scapes to provide a sense of place. Google SketchUp is our current tool of choice for modelling internal spaces,…

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iClone City Packs

iClone combines 4 video production with 3D real-time animation, the software integrates with various 3D packages, including SketchUp and provides a quick and easy way to add animation to scenes. The clip below provides an overview: Of particular note are the city expansion packs, allowing complex cityscapes to be built…

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How the 3D Engine is Changing the World: The Guardian

Keith Stuart has a good article in today’s Guardian Newspaper entitled ‘How the 3D Engine is Changing the World’. Keith notes that John D Carmack, the programming legend behind the Doom and Quake games runs an aerospace company as a relaxing diversion from his role as technical director at games…

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SketchUp to Google Earth Timelapse

Reader will know that a couple of main themes here on digital urban are timelapse imagery and 3d modelling, as such the movie below appeals as it features both: Created by db3d2 the movie is actually an interesting insight into the photograph to SketchUp to Google Earth modelling process. See…

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Sketchlife: SketchUp to Second Life

We have never quite understood why Second Life is such a closed shop when it comes down to importing models – compared to systems such as Sketch Worlds, which we covered earlier this week, it has been a positively painful process to get any model in the environment. However, Sketchlife…

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