Metropolis Timelapse: Denver

metropolis from timelapse.it on Vimeo.The movie above illustrates a series of timelapses taken in Denver, Colorado by http://www.timelapse.it/ Captured with a Canon D1 we really like the way it picks up the nature of the city at night, especially the mix of the city roads and airspace in a couple…

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Space/Time City Timelapse: Colapse Times

colapse times from demari.tv on Vimeo.The movie above entitled ‘Colapse Times’ features night light timelapse sessions by luis.simione@terra.com.br (Photographer) combined with diting & morph effect by demari.tv motion. The movie is mixed with track ”Third Knife’ from The Youngsters – Ministry of Sound record: “The Underground 2008”. We like the…

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