15,000 Agents: A* Pathfinding

Games engines such as Unity are the perfect platform for agent based modelling, they allow a combination of 3D urban cityscapes and navmeshes/grid graphs/point graphs and local avoidance systems. The A* Pathfinding project features an array of techniques for rapid pathfinding or AI development using a low memory footprint. We…

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Unity Traffic System – City Traffic

Creating a sandbox style traffic system in Unity is a challenge. As our previous posts have shown agents can use NavMesh and calculate shortest paths but the hit is high on processing which in turn limits the number of agents in a scene. Sander van der Vegte is a multidisciplinary game developer who…

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Lumion, Unity, Agents & Objects

Crowd, transport and urban simulations are at their roots down to ‘Agents’ or ‘Objects’ that are assigned a set of rules as to how to moves in relation to both the environment and other agents around them. 3D Studio Max has a built in ‘Crowd and Delegate’ system which can…

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Augmenting a Roman Fort: A Paper Model, IPad and Unity

Stuart Eve here at The Bartlett’s Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis has posted an update on his PhD research looking at augmenting archaeological sites. Before moving onto the real world he has built a proof of concept based on a Roman Fort made out of paper, the results on the iPad are extremely promising: Augmenting a…

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Unity 3.0 Announced

Hopefully we are about to dive back into the Unity game engine for a truly exciting project, as such the glimpse of Unity 3 opens up a number of possibilities: Dark Unity from Unity3D on Vimeo. As soon as we are back using Unity we will of course post the…

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Unity – Now Free

Unity, our current development platform of choice here at digital urban, is now available free of charge. The Indie version of its Unity engine previously sold for $200 and is quite simple one of the best and indeed easiest game engines to work with. We will be ramping up our…

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CityEngine to Unity

The CityEngine is a unique professional tool for creating, visualisating and exporting cityscapes. As such it is of notable use to the games industry with a quick and easy route into either 3D Max or the Unity Engine. Unity supports a number of input formats, allowing for direct integration with…

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