Virtual Earth

Panorama Ball Vision: Spherical Display

The movie below details a spherical display under the name of Panorama Ball Vision: The display seems suitable for use with Google Earth or any panoramic based imagery, we don’t think the masks in the picture are due to any harmful output from the actual device… See for more…

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Photosynth Now Integrated with Virtual Earth

We have been big fans of the Photosynth technology here at digital urban, it has huge potential for portraying the cityscape from the level of external architecture through to inside buildings and down to individual objects. Microsoft have just launched Photosynths integration with Virtual Earth along with some tweaks to…

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ESRI and Microsoft Team up for ArcGIS 9.3.1

We knew this was coming and indeed it was possible via other routes but its still quite a notable move with ESRI teaming up with Microsoft to offer Virtual Earth directly within ArcGIS. The full announcement is below: ESRI Expands Virtual Earth Access in GIS by Teaming with Microsoft ArcGIS…

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Embed Virtual Earth into ESRI’s ArcGIS

The excellent Arc2Earth from Brian Flood has always had the ability to display map tiles from Microsoft, Yahoo and as a custom layer in your map. What is new in the current beta release is the ability to directly embed the API from Microsoft and Google into ArcMap –…

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Microsofts Sphere: The Ultimate Virtual Earth Viewer?

Touch tables, touch tablets and touch phones are all well and good to explore the emerging interfaces and applications of computing but if you spend most of your day immersed in digital geography you really need something more ‘earth’ shaped. Step forward Microsoft with the first demonstration of the ‘Touch…

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