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Building on the post ‘500 Words a Day – Academic Writing‘ this page lists current outputs underway:
Big Data, Sensing and Augmented Reality: New Directions for The Crowd and Industry – Key Note Conference Paper – The Bartlett Pedagogy meets Big Data and BIM Conference (completed).
Visualising Spatial and Social Media – Chapter for Sage Innovations in Digital Research Methods, Mike Batty lead author with, Steven Gray, Richard Milton, Oliver O’Brien and Flora Roumpani of CASA (completed, in review).
Tagging, Tracking and Scanning the City– Article for Architectural Design Special Edition (to be completed by June 2nd 2013 completed, being published mid January 2014).
Smart Cities, Social Networks and the Internet of Things – Chapter for a book on Urban Design (to be completed June 4th, 2013 completed, being published mid 2014).
The GeoWeb: Agents/Cities and Maps – Chapter for a book on GeoComputation book with Andrew Crooks  (to be completed June 30th, 2013, completed, in review).
Creating Research Impact in the Social Sciences (draft title) – Working paper, possibility for NCRM, based around a series of case studies of research with high impact (to be completed end of February 2014).
Research Impact Award – Impact Proposal for new Phd (to be completed June 30th completed – awarded).
Mining, Visualising and Modelling the Smart City: City Dashboards, Infrastructure, The Internet of Things and Predictive Analytics for Intelligent Urban Systems – ‘The smart city’ special issue of the Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society (to be completed October 2013 completed, in review).
Immersive and Augmented Reality – Developing Portals and Dual Geographic Spaces, RGS Abstract (completed, in review).
Smart Cities – Real-Time Data, City Dashboards and Urban Modelling via the Internet of Things, GeoSpatial World Abstract (completed, in review).
A full list of available papers, many downloadable, can be found on the ‘about/papers page

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