AR Navigation System for Pedestrians – Android App

Sung-Hyun Jang, one of my Ph.D. students here at CASA, has launched an Android app called AR Navigation System for Pedestrians. The app is a part of his Ph.D. studies, and is an attempt at visualising geographic information via an augmented reality interface.  Specifically, the app provides navigation information via…

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Colours: A Live London Weather Dashboard

Here at The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis we run a Davis Vantage Pro 2 unit with Solar and UV sensors from a rooftop on Tottenham Court Road. The current output is via our live ‘Weather Dials‘ page, which is all singing and dancing, complete with graphs and updates every…

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500 Words a Day: Academic Writing

Its not something many academics admit – but writing is hard, not for all, there are some academics who simply flow words but for many its a challenge. There is nothing worse than the blank page of a Word/LaTeX document, knowing you have 10,000 words to go and only a…

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15,000 Agents: A* Pathfinding

Games engines such as Unity are the perfect platform for agent based modelling, they allow a combination of 3D urban cityscapes and navmeshes/grid graphs/point graphs and local avoidance systems. The A* Pathfinding project features an array of techniques for rapid pathfinding or AI development using a low memory footprint. We…

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Unity Traffic System – City Traffic

Creating a sandbox style traffic system in Unity is a challenge. As our previous posts have shown agents can use NavMesh and calculate shortest paths but the hit is high on processing which in turn limits the number of agents in a scene. Sander van der Vegte is a multidisciplinary game developer who…

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