Flying Cities

Flying Cities is a concept animation by Stefan Haberkorn – it is one of the best uses of Lumion we have seen so far. It goes beyond the normal architectural visualisation and makes good use of landscaping and volumetric clouds. The full movie below sets the standard: Head over to to see more examples of Stefans…

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Lumion 3 – ESRI CityEngine and Autodesk 3D Max

Lumion is one of the best rapid visualisation systems out there for architectural style rendering. Its ease of use and ability to create scenes complete with advanced sky and lighting effects make it perfect for urban visualisation. With the release of version 3 we thought we would take the free version for…

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Softimage Crowd FX – 3D Crowd Modelling

With our recent post on Populate in 3D Max 2014 we thought we would take a quick look at Crowd FX in Softimage. CrowdFX is part of the Interactive Creative Environment (ICE) of Softimage allowing rapid pedestrian and stadium style simulations. Below is a sample movie created using two crowd emitters…

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Timelapsing/Warping in New York City

Timelapsing/warping is a series of techniques that when combined can create unique view of the urban scene. Daniele Quatrini of (seems to be under construction) have used a variety of timelapse/warps clips set to ‘An Open Letter to New York’ by The Beastie Boys to create the movie below: Timelapsing/warping in…

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Visualising Spatial and Social Media – Working Paper 190 from the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis

Visualising Spatial and Social Media – Working Paper 190 from the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis  University College London is now available to download. Authors – Michael Batty, Steven Gray, Andrew Hudson-Smith,  Richard Milton, Oliver O’Brien and Flora Roumpani , Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London. Abstract  In this working paper we…

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