Geo-located Augmented Reality

With the latest version of Augmented Reality Player for iOS v1.2.0 users can now choose geo-location as a visualization option for their projects. The Geo-location feature allows to use GPS coordinates to locate a 3D model/animation on the earth’s surface. The software then tracks the 3D model coordinates in the…

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An American Junction: A Tiltshift Timelapse

Below is a tiltshift timelapse of a junction in Pittsburgh, running at over 9 minutes at 30 frames per second with one photograph captured every second it was produced using the IPad 3 and Miniatures:   Miniatures adds a tiltshift effect to each frame, making creating HD timelapses amazingly easy…

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Timelapse Movies with the GoPro HD

The Go Pro HD Hero is one of the best timelapse cameras out there for 24 hour imagery, its wide angle lens, the ability to power via USB and mount on an outside facing glass window via its suction cup makes it easy to set up and leave. The camera…

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Live London Weather

We have updated our live weather page to work with the iPad/iPhone and other HTML compatible browsers. The page updates every 3 seconds with a live feed from a Davis Vantage Pro 2 on the roof of 1-19 Torrington Place, just off Tottenham Court Road in London. For those with the…

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