The Wonder is a mediative moving sculpture by Tom Lawton.

The artwork was brought to life through the global pandemic of 2020 with the first Wonder cast in bronze and installed inside Malmesbury’s medieval abbey for all time and for all to visit – for free.

The Wonder aims to show how everything is interconnected.

Tom Lawton

WonderAR on the Apple StoreThe augmented reality app was developed as part of the MSc in Connected Environments Module 0019 on Sensor Data Visualisation. Produced by Professor Andrew Hudson and Dr Valerio Signorelli the Wonder is now also available for everyone to experience – in their own space in augmented reality.

The physical version of the Wonder sits inside Saint Aldhelm’s Chapel within Malmesbury’s medieval abbey in Wiltshire, England. It can be visited for free on any day between the hours of 9.30am and 3.30pm.

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