Architectural Visualisation

Animated Architectural Timelapse

Animated Architectural Timelapse from MILapse on Vimeo. We really like this one – the movie combines HDR, timelapse sequences and 3DMax/VRay in one unique architectural animation. The use of timelapse imagery lends itself perfectly to architectural visualisation and the author MILapse of is one of the techniques leading lights….

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City Architecture Visualisation: Manama, Bahrain

City Complex from Rabih Haddad on Vimeo. The architectural visualisation above was produced by BlackSmith Studios. The project is based in Manama, Bahrain, aimed to be one of the largest redevelopment projects in the region. The language of the voice over is Arabic for the regional audience, if you don’t…

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56 Leonard Street New York: Architectural Visualisation

Designed by the Swiss firm Herzog & de Meuron, 56 Leonard Street is a 796ft (243m) tall skyscraper currently under construction in New York. Described by the architects as ‘houses stacked in the sky’ the visualisation below ticks all the boxes – nice soundtrack, use of raytraced panoramic globes (a…

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3D Urbanism: Multidisciplinary Realtime Quantitative Simulation

Ultimately designers aim is to achieve an integrated environment where – during the design process, including the early stages – the designer can generate a three-dimensional geometrical design, set up inter-related analysis and optimisation routines and receive meaningful feedback in realtime. The movie below by ARUP is slightly ‘dry’ but…

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Ha Dong City Urban Development Visualisation

We don’t have much information on this one, apart from we like the pace and the animation of the urban visualisation. The movie depicts 174 hectares of urban planning at north Ha Dong City, Vietnam: Duong Noi Newurban from Tuan Dinh on Vimeo. See for more movies on the…

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Architectural Visualisation: Softmirage Demo Reel

Softmirage 3D Animation Demo Reel v4.0 from softmirage on Vimeo. The movie above comes from Softmirage a visual communications company located in Orange County, California. The company focuses on the architectural, construction, real estate, and urban planning community visualisation. See for more examples…

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Paper 3D Printer: Low Cost 3D Architectural Models

The great promise of 3D printing for architecture and city design has begun to fade recently, mainly due to the price of the print media. Rather than becoming the ultimate tool for decision making in design they have been restricted to marketing models often brought out at trade shows. Step…

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Mediafreaks: Documentary Showcase

Mediafreaks Documentary Animation Showreel 2008 from Aldric Chang on Vimeo. Mediafreaks is a 3D animation studio based in Singapore focused on producing quality animation for cartoon series, documentaries, TV commercials, medical animation and architectural animation. The movie above showcases their documentary showreel, the company is interesting as they are not…

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