Automatic Architecture

Building by Numbers: Automated Architecture

Building By Numbers from Kisa Naumova on Vimeo. The movie above illustrates Kisa Naumova’s work to recreate 27 floors of the Leeds School of Contemporary Art and Graphic Design. Kisa used a series of architects’ drawings, traced out in Illustrator, and subsequently run through custom made scripts to automatically build…

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City Generator: Subversion Game from Introversion

Introversion, the guys behind Darwinia and Defcon are currently working on ‘Subversion’ which features an in-game city generator. Currently running at over 70,000 buildings generated in approximately one minute the generator is the latest in a series of developments in ‘automatic architecture’ in games. The YouTube movie embedded below provides…

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Automatic Architecture: The CityEngine

Pedro Martins emailed us a link to the ‘CityEngine’ by Pascal Mueller a PhD candidate and research assistant at the Computer Vision Lab of the ETH Zurich, Switzerland. The CityEngine is focused on the procedural modeling of buildings and brings together the term ‘Automatic Architecture’ that is becoming increasingly common…

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