City Timelapses

Tokyo Timelapse City Groove

Ok where were we – its been a busy week sorting out projects and getting the right people on board as we move talesofthings forward and surveymapper towards beta (next week), as such we have somehow failed to write the normal number of posts. Sorry about that, various links are…

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Timelapse: You Can See Chicago From Here

We like this timelapse as its professionally captured yet the photographer, Brett Foxwell, notes it was filmed entirely with a DSLR camera mounted upon various home-made motion control gadgets. Sometime you need those homemade gadgets to get the look you desire, music by Brian Beilke and JM Franc.

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Fotografic Memories: Memories, Music and Timelapse

Photographer Salman Ashrafi notes that in today’s world, depending on what we do, we rarely find the time to just sit and observe everything that goes on around us. His movies, known as ‘Fotografic Memories’ represent Salmans’ work to make up for this loss of time and we really like…

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Digital City / City 2.0 Video

We don’t have much information on this one but its really nice. Sometimes thats the best way, finding neat clips that only have a few views (32 in this case) and giving them a showcase. We have added a ‘retweet’ button to the top right of our posts as a…

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City Timelapse: Dubai

Another in a series of shorter posts due to an annoyingly high work load – that said we have some exciting ‘urban twitter’ maps coming soon with work currently going on behind the scenes. Which brings us to the post – the timelapse clip below was filmed in Dubai over…

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New York City Timelapse – with camBLOCK

New York has arguably one of the best skylines for timelapse, in fact perhaps only Hong Kong pips it to the post of the best skyline in the world (?). Steven M. Bumgardner spent a couple of weeks in Manhattan with Canon 5DMII and variety of lenses: A New York…

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Canon G9 Timelapse 1080p with CHDK

The movie below is our first timelapse test using the Canon G9, a power supply and the free CHDK firmware ‘addon’ for a range of Canon cameras. Music ‘City Lights’ by Ox on MP3 Unsigned. As mentioned, movie was created by capturing a 5 mega pixel image every 5 seconds,…

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