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The panorama is taken looking out towards the Golden Gate Bridge in the shadow of the Sather Tower on the University of California, Berkeley Campus. Sather Tower is an enduring symbol of UC Berkeley, known as the Campanile, was completed in 1914 and stands 307 feet tall. An elevator ride to the observation platform at the 200 foot level provides visitors with a spectacular view of the entire Bay Area and of the campus.

The Campanile houses a sixty-one bell carillon. The bells weigh from nineteen pounds to 10,500 pounds and are located above the observation platform.

The Campanile is significant to DigitalUrban as it is the landmark that was used for research into photogrammetric modelling at Berkeley. The research that came out led to the development of a number of the software packages that we are now using for Virtual London.

View the Quicktime panorama of the Campanile Berkeley (3.3mb).

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