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A while ago we built a map of the London Tube network.. its neat but to be honest not all that much use (?). Somewhere on our hardrive is a real location of the map in 3D as well, we will hopefully dig that back out in a few days. You can view the current ‘classic’ London Tube Map below:

The reason for the post? We were going to add in depth data to produce a real representation of the tube network. Sadly due to security fears (which are understandable to say the least) this looks like it wont happen. Still, it would of made a neat flythough…

A higher res version can be found can be viewed from here (23Mb). Note the movie uses the DIVX codec.


  • Anonymous says:

    A 3D representation of parts of the tube network with interconnecting tunnels and street exits would be brilliant, and also really helpful for commuters to identify easier routes. I wouldn’t have thought it would represent a security issue as you wouldn’t outline security lapses or areas not covered by CCTV. Please persue the idea, if only concentrating on the Kings Cross area, it’d be fascinating!!


  • Anonymous says:

    How can I obtain this 3D file?

  • eAi says:

    Well, someone somewhere was recording information about depths of stations, by counting the number of steps down… Can’t remember where…

    I guess you could work out the layout of stations just by walking around them and taking notes – might get you arrested though. Alternatively, just a good memory would do – I’m sure some people know the stations well.

    I guess TFL have maps for all the stations, just need someone to leak them 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Keep pressing – I love the Tube and a genuine 3D representation would be brilliant.



  • Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget The Way Out Tube Map is avilable in good old fashioned paper form!

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