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Goggles is a Flight Simulator using images loaded in from Google Maps. Running in Flash it is a technical achievement to overlay the plane (which is controlled via the arrow keys) onto the air photographs – a concept which opens up any array of possible applications. There are currently five cities to choose from when you load up the game – London, Paris, New York, Tokyo and Washington.

Googles is a simple concept which has been very well executed, note that you can use the space bar to fire but you have to be near the ground which in our case led to frequent crashing. The game, developed by Mark Caswell-Daniels is currently in beta. Mark is actively looking for other funded projects so anyone out there with some funding should drop Mark a email and develop a Google Maps version of Time Pilot!

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  • Anonymous says:

    nice idea… I wonder when will it be implemented in google earth´s flight sim (pressing ctrl + shift + a)… I can imagine changing bitmaps to areas… usefull if you want to virtualy destroy your hometown… jeje

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