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Second Life is beginning to enter the main stream. First the BBC’s Radio One set up home in the Virtual World and now Duran Duran are set to perform ‘live’. We are posting this as a reader requested a high resolution copy of the movie that accompanies our original Second Life Post.

Sadly that now only exists on YouTube due to a mix up with our Recycle Bin. YouTube is fine for the web but not much use for a conference presentation.

So we have remade the movie and a Pal resolution version can be downloaded from here (11Mb)..

With all the recent media interest the Metaverse is suddenly getting noticed. Back in the days when ActiveWorlds was the next big thing and we ran the 30 Days in ActiveWorlds experiment we bet our bottom dollar that Virtual Worlds were about to become main stream. They didn’t of course and a number of companies went bankrupt. Second Life it seems is giving the Virtual World a second chance.

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