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Continuing our series of Cities in Games we take a first look at City 17, the location of Half Life 2. Half-Life 2 is a science fiction first-person shooter game which, running in the Source Engine developed by Valve Corporation, allows a number of advanced rendering effects.
Our movie below is a first look at the environments and rending of City 17 during the first part of the game.

As we have mentioned before the use of games in the work environment is often frowned upon, yet games allow the use of technology that traditional CAD render packages often fail to match. Of note in the movie is the level of immersion of the environment through the use of real-time lighting techniques and texturing.
We will be posting more movies of the Architecture of Half Life 2 shortly as well as progress and a explanation of how to modify the game engine for urban planning and architecture participation.
A higher resolution version of the movie can be downloaded here (wmv, 33Mb)

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